Call To Action Conference Founder

“The best conference I’ve attended in 30+ years of marketing.” – Gary Prado, CTAConf Attendee

I’m the Founder of Unbounce’s Call To Action Conference, an 1000+ industry-leading marketing conference hosted in Vancouver helping digital marketers become better at what they do. The conference’s carefully curated, hand-picked speaker lineup leaves attendees with an arsenal of techniques, ideas and strategies to apply the minute they get back to the office.

And since day one, I’ve been very intentional about building a different kind of conference experience. One with an infectious, inclusive energy where we continuously look for unique ways to surprise, delight and over-deliver.

CTAConf 2017

Home to symphony orchestras, Broadway shows and now, actionable marketing insights, we hosted Call To Action Conference at the historic Queen E again!

We meticulously scouted out the best speakers and marketers who taught strategies they’ve developed and mastered. Like Mari Smith, Scott Stratten, Claire Suellentrop, April Dunford and Kindra Hall. Combined speaker scores were at an all time high at 3.99/5. Among the top 10 speakers, the difference between no. 1 and no.10 was only 0.42%.

In 2017 we made a very conscious effort to make our speaker lineup more diverse taking the 50/50 pledge.

As a noobie speaker the year before, I wanted to give people internally a voice and platform so we reserved one speaker slot and sent a callout asking for applicants. The response? Four applicants, all women. Alexa Hubley ended up charming the crowd talking about romantic comedies and customer marketing.

I wrote about this with the help of Amy Wood. Which kickstarted another project: CentHERStage.

The Team

Event Marketing Manager: Rachel Scott

Event Coordinator: Dustin Bromley

Designer: Ainara Sainz

Copywriters: Dan Levy & Brad Tiller

PR: Sarah Gooding 


Attendees: 1,200

Gross Revenue: $560,928.50

NPS: 63 (8.9/10)


CTAConf 2016

In 2016, we set audacious goals to double the size of conference attendance and moved to the stunning Queen Elizabeth, the largest theatre in Western Canada.

Our conference was all grown up, more professional and less scrappy. For the first time ever we hired a production company and invested in solid internet.

Speakers included Rand Fishkin, Amy Harrison, Morgan Brown, Mack Fogelson, Andy Crestodina, Susan Su and a ton more.

Sponsors and free workshops were brand new. Wanting to go beyond a typical booth and a logo on our website, we had sponsors engage conference attendees with fun activations like a postcard station, a digital caricature artist and massage chairs. And did I mention unlimited food? Attendees could have a burger with a side of pad thai!

On a personal note, this was the first-year I wasn’t fully in the weeds and where I also got to speak 🙂

The Team

Event Marketing Manager: Joel Popoff

Event Coordinator: Dustin Bromley

Designer: Alejandra Porta


Attendees: 1,000

Gros Revenue: $386,217.34

NPS:  (8.8/10)


CTAConf 2015

Call To Action Conference 2016 took place at Granville Island from September 13th to 15th.

400+ attendees, 22 speakers, two live landing page tear-downs, a brewery tour, zip-lining, a WordPress product launch, one epic boat party and a ton of custom swag – like a sandwich tee.

Speakers included: Wil Reynolds, Joanna Wiebe, Karl Gilis, Talia Wolf, Nathalie Nahai, Mike King, Phil Nottingham, Justin Jordan and more.

Attendees enjoyed lunch from local vendors at the famous Granville Island Market. And we brewed official beer for the conference: the Actionable Insights Lager and the Unbounce Pale Ale. 🍻#cheers!

The Team

Event Marketing Manager: Stefanie Grieser (Me)

Event Coordinator: Kyrie Melnyck

Designer: Alejandra Porta

Sponsorship & PR Manager: Cheryl Draper 



Attendees: 402

Gros Revenues: $212,798

NPS: 59


CTAConf 2014

Five years ago, over a tasty Lebanese lunch I pitched Rick Perreault, CEO at Unbounce, on building a conference. He took the bait (aka -believed in me and the concept) and I built Unbounce’s flagship conference, Call To Action Conference from the ground up.

CTAConf started with humble beginnings – a simple, single-track, one-day conference with 300 people and 10 speakers.

The Team

Event Marketing Manager: Stefanie Grieser 

Event Coordinator: Kyrie Melnyck

Designer: Denis Suhopoljac & Denise Villanueva


Attendees: 313

Gros Revenue: $93,331.16



  • "Say goodbye to stuffy, pretentious events. I’ve been to conferences where you’re treated as a nobody until you prove you’re a somebody (Are you with me?). There’s not even a whiff of that at the Unbounce conference. Speakers mingle with attendees, organizers go above and beyond to make sure you have what you need to get the best out of the event.

    It’s fun without being cringeworthy, and it’s a steep learning curve without being overwhelming.

    The hospitality was second to none and you were well stocked with food and drinks throughout the day. There was entertainment between talks to keep your spirits high, but above all else, it was the quality of speakers that had people keen to return.

    'I came this year to test it out, next time I’m bringing the whole company'

    That was just one remark someone made to me in the lobby of the hotel the morning after the conference. Everyone I spoke to said they would be returning (if not bringing more people with them)."

    Amy Harrison
    Copywriter & Keynote Speaker

  • "Stef executed one of the best events I've ever attended and spoken at.

    I had a fantastic time working with her - before, during and after CTAConf. Endlessly creative, passionate and dedicated to her work, Stef managed to produce a fun, actionable, knowledge-packed event which has turned into the very best in the industry.

    Stef did everything with great devotion to every single aspect of the event; Nothing was left out. From managing the event's content, securing the speakers, selling tickets, running successful promotions, creating anticipation for both attendees and speakers and carefully thought out post-promotion campaigns, the event was a roaring success.

    I would hire Stef in a hear-beat, and recommend her to all."

    Talia Wolf
    Founder at Getuplift

  • "Stef is an Event Marketing Mastermind -- by far the best I know, and I've been to over 50 events is just the last few years. By securing big-time speakers at affordable ticket prices and gluing it together with remarkable, memorable details [that meet the Unbounce executive team's VERY HIGH standards], she easily catapulted CTA Conference and the Conversion Road Trip to the industry's best marketing events to attend. The non-conference "activities" (e.g. zip lining, island tours, etc.) that she incorporated really helped build and nurture business relations and friendships. Stef's leadership, organization, discipline, rapport, and mama bear-style support effectively united the Unbounce team AND speakers to passionately execute 5-star events. (Yeah, the "passion" part makes a huge difference.) I'd highly recommend Stef for any team leadership challenge involving lots of people and complex expectations. She delivers!"

    Angie Schottmuller
    Forbes Top 10 Online Marketer

  • #CTAConf has been the best conference I've been to by far. Huge props to the @unbounce team for putting it all together, see you all in 2016

    Carrie Oliva

  • Thank you to the @unbounce team, the great speakers and the awesome attendees for making #CTAConf one of the best #marketing events ever.

    Dan Martin

  • In 2018, I will tease a baby, tickle a grizzly bear, wear a romper: WHATEVER it takes to attend @unbounce #CTACONF!

    La Meyners