More Women On Stage at Conferences

Advocating to get more women speakers at marketing industry conferences and events

Today there continues to be a significant imbalance between the number of men and women on stage at marketing and technology conferences. This needs to change.

I wrote a piece called, “There Aren’t Enough Qualified Women Speakers” and Other Garbage Excuses for Why Your Marketing Event Isn’t Gender Diverse alongside Amy Wood, which goes through my journey of making Call To Action Conference more gender diverse and how others can do the same.

The post hit home with a lot of folks. But rather than just talk about the problem, myself and a group of women and men wanted to be part of the solution. We started compiling a list of talented female marketers and speakers through the hashtag #PresentHER. Not wanting to stop there, the CentHERStage Speaker Bootcamp was born as a means to empower women in marketing and technology with coaching, tools, workshops and a supportive community to get up on stage, take the mic and share their knowledge.

This past fall we hosted 15 women from around North America for three days of speaker coaching. And this year the plan is to take that momentum, grow it and make an even bigger impact💥

The Team in 2017

Driving the ship: Amy Wood
Support: Leslie Collin & Stefanie Grieser 
Lead Designer: Alejandra Porta
Speaker Coaches: Krista Seiden, Michael Aagaard, Oli Gardner, Kristen Craft, Stefanie Grieser and Alexa Hubley 
Online Speaker Coaches: Joanna Wiebe, Jordan Bower, Lianna Patch & Claire Suellentrop



  • "I can’t believe how much I learned over such a short period of time - the training was both rigorous and supportive. I NEVER would have considered speaking publicly if it weren’t for CentHER Stage, but now I’m excited and ready for it."

    Lisa Pierson
    Conversion Copywriter

  • "When CentHER stage came around, I had been thinking for a while about really wanting to speak AND looking for a female mentor in the tech space. CentHER stage provided me with both. An empowered, inspiring environment full of incredible women and leadership as well as the ability to take my speaking career to the next level. I would not only do it again but 10/10 recommend it to anybody who asked."

    Amalia Fowler
    Paid Search Team Lead at Convertus Digital

  • "CentHER Stage was an invaluable experience. Not only did I get great tangible materials to help me prepare, but my coach helped me with plenty of one-on-one practice and tailored feedback. The environment was intimate and supportive — and I'm unbelievably grateful for the connections I've made."

    Lindsey Peacock
    Content Marketer at Shopify

  • "I feel ten thousand times more prepared and confident in how to deliver a talk that really reflects my own expertise, unique perspective, and personality. I will no longer shy away from opportunities where I know I'd be a great fit. Before CentHER Stage, I wondered if there were simply "those people" who were born to speak (and that I probably wasn't one them). Now I realize it's totally a skill that CAN be learned and honed, and you can do it in a way that really showcases the best you have to offer."

    Marie Poulin
    Digital Strategist, Co-Founder at Oki Doki

  • "I was fortunate to have Stef as my personal coach throughout the CentHER Stage bootcamp, and she was truly awesome. Not only is she a pro at coaching public speaking, but she’s super knowledgeable about marketing and the tech industry, so she was able to provide extremely qualitative, actionable feedback about the content, structure and delivery of my talk. I felt like I went from zero to hero over the course of this weekend and that is largely thanks to Stef. She has really terrific advice to offer and created an awesome, supportive environment in which to practice and refine our public speaking skills. The experience was so great, in fact, that I took it and worked with my own team at PressReader on a similar program based entirely on what I learned from Stef and the crew at CentHER Stage. It was such a hit with the team, though it was a lot of work to pull off – so my advice to anyone who wants to do the same is to hire Stef to run the whole bootcamp for you! If you ever have the opportunity to work with her, definitely seize it."

    Kristin Eberth
    Director, Marketing & Communications at PressReader

  • Watching all of the tweets roll by made me want to hear ALL of these amazing women speak now! I vote mini-conference

    Stacelynn Caughlan

  • @smgrieser = #1 speaker coach of all time!!!!!! (said by someone not her mother) #centHERstage

    Kristin Fracchia

  • What a weekend!!!! The inaugural #centHERstage speaker bootcamp was utterly brilliant.

    Oli Gardner

  • Had an *incredible* experience at @centHERstage this weekend. Thank you to our brilliant #TeamKristin coach, @smgrieser! #CentHERStage

    Kristin Eberth

  • This whole thing looked SO great, love the initiative. Congrats to everyone involved #centHERstage

    Matt Diederichs