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Yep, I speak at conferences, workshops, and seminars. I’ve spoken in front of crowds as large as 1000+ as well as small, intimate groups. As a former conference organizer and seasoned content curator, I know what goes into an exceptional talk.

On stage, my goal is to educate, inspire, delight and entertain the audience to level up their marketing with no-fluff, actionable tactics and strategies. I never, ever pitch. I bring my passion. And I want to make it feel like I’m talking to you – not talking at you. I’ve been coached by some best speakers in the industry because I believe feedback is the fastest path to excellence.

And yes, sometimes I do the robot on stage 🤖


Slide decks

  • World Domination

    Kick Start Your Global Marketing Strategy by Leveraging Inbound

  • Sell Out Your Event

    Marketing Tips to Pack the House

What The Crowd Said

  • Any other groups feel a special friendly affection for @smgrieser? Like she's a friend you've known a long time? Thx for #CTAConf Stef

    Digital Hot Sauce

  • Love love loved @smgrieser's #CTAConf talk on urgency and delight. TONS of takeaways. #legend

    Matt Diederichs

  • #CTAConf founder @smgrieser slaying the home crowd right now

    Katie Jeanes

  • Love that @smgrieser just did the robot on stage - Great talk girl! #CTAConf

    Hayley Schuesler

  • @smgrieser Giving us great event tips and making us laugh at #CTAConf

    Robert Clarke

  • Very insightful and fun presentation @smgrieser #CTAConf Thanks!

    Great Climate Race

  • "Stefanie is a fantastic speaker whose energy and enthusiasm are golden assets for anyone planning an event. As a seasoned content curator herself, she proved the perfect eleventh-hour pinch-hitter for our digital marketing conference, Whistler Bike. Stefanie took on the unenviable task of speaking to a topic slightly outside her usual bailiwick, providing the perfect balance of concrete takeaways and interesting anecdotes to keep our audience engaged. I would highly recommend bringing her in to speak to any group, and if you can throw her into the deep end on a downhill mountain bike too, you'll really appreciate her spirit!"

    Jennifer Smith
    Owner & Principal at Steak Creative, Former Communications Manager at Crankworx Events Inc.

  • Very insightful presentation by @smgrieser of @unbounce. Enjoyed learning about their experiences entering into new markets #inbound17

    Paul Robertson

  • It's not mobile friendly, It's mobile first - @smgrieser from @unbounce dropping truth bomb on websites of the future #CIMC2017

    Frances Young